Designer Emanuele Genuizzi

Year 2018

Inspired by the lithesome forms of classical sculpture and by Hans Arp’s smooth and powerful curves, the tables and console of the Musa series are characterised by the important plinth base with a slight oval section. Thanks to an accurate study of joints and balances, the base supports a series of different sized cantilevered tops in marble. Ombra, Fumo and bronzo in “Silk” or high gloss finish are the three colours of special lacquer, exclusive to CASA CASATI, for the base and the underside of the top. The richness of tones, the absence of straight lines, and the fluidity of the curve show the simplicity of the design and the beauty of the precious marble tops, the edges gently curved as a perfect complement to the structure.


  • TABLE 130 MUS130
    130 x 110 x h74 cm | 51 x 43 x h29 in
  • TABLE 150 MUS150
    150 x 130 x h74 cm | 59 x 51 x h29 in
  • TABLE 200 MUS200
    200 x 130 x h74 cm | 79 x 51 x h29 in


  • Special lacquers
    • Ombra silk / glossy
    • Fumo silk / glossy
    • Bronzo silk / glossy
    • Oxblood glossy
    • Ambra glossy
    • Goldsnow glossy
  • Marbles
    • Breccia medicea matt / glossy
    • Statuario black matt / glossy
    • Valentine grey glossy
    • Arabescato white matt / glossy
  • Top
    • Matt or glossy marble.
  • Frame
    • High density polyurethane resin.

Technical drawings


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