Designer Emanuele Genuizzi

Year 2020

A clear H-shaped architectural structure of thin steel blades supports large framed glass planes.

The conceptual cleanliness and the minimal lines of the design reveal a very high precision execution: the laser cutting of the blades and their assembly with visible screws give the piece the quality of a “jewel” of great refinement and manufacturing complexity, made possible thanks to to the virtuosity of our craftspeople.

The chrome finishes: Gold, Silver and Black Chrome, help to create the suggestive play of trompe-l’oeil reflections that gives visual lightness to the important dimensions of the piece.


  • LOW TABLE 150 MEG150
    150 x 150 x h34 | 59 x 59 x h13 in
  • LOW TABLE 190 MEG190
    190 x 100 x h34 | 75 x 39 x h13 in


  • Frame
    • Steel.
  • Top
    • Glass.

Technical drawings


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